An initiative by our music group to invite you to sing the Psalms.
Just click on the link and enjoy the Psalm in song.
Sing along or just allow the words and music to flow over your soul.
May God be real and present for you through this medium of ministry of music, song and scripture.

Here are the links to Singing the Psalms:

God is with Us – Be Aware
Psalm 46 Still my soul

A Prayer for Help
Psalm 13 How long will you leave me alone

Praising God’s Glory in Creation
Psalm 19 May the words of my mouth

God our Guide
Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd

A Prayer of Praise
Psalm 27 Hide me under your wings

Prayer from a lonely place
Psalm 42 Lord from sorrows deep I call

God is with Us – Refuge
Psalm 46 Lord of Hosts

Hymn of Praise
Psalm 100 Enter his gates

A prayer for Help – We wait on God
Psalm 130 I will wait for you

Thanksgiving – God is Eternal
Psalm 136  Give thanks to the Lord our God and King